Taxi Varna from Hippo Taxi – On the road together

Hippo taxi is just a click away!

Take advantage of the smartest way to travel in Varna city. One click and Hippo Taxi comes for you. Two movements of your fingers and you save time and money.

Available 24/7

Daily transport to work, school, university. After a late night party or before an early morning meeting. Walk to the Center or shopping in the Mall. Wherever you go, you may rely on Hippo Taxi to take you.

No need to call an operator.

No need to explain where are you. Choosing the destination, yourself without having to explain where are you. Even if you do now know the place you are located, by online ordering, we will find where are you. Just turn on the GPS of your smartphone!

No confusions and unpleasant surprises.

Real time tracking of your Hippo Taxi position! Real time detailed information at what time we will reach you, being there when you need us!

Who we are?

We are taxi company Hippo Taxi. We are a team of young, enthusiastic and passionate to work professionals. We have knowledge and skill and we dared to created something new and wanted for our city. We strive to think innovative and modern. We are looking for solutions that best meet the needs and we exceed the expectations of citizens and guests of Varna city. The sea capital of Bulgaria – our city of Varna must grow. Thus, we have modern and unexpected solutions eading to a better quality of life for people.

They trusted us! Trust us too!

Taxi rates

Tariff typeDay(06:00-22:00)Night(22:00-06:00)
Price for 1 km.0.89 лв.0.99 лв.
Price for call0.00 лв.0.00 лв.
Initial fee1.09 лв.1.09 лв.
Price for 1 min. stay0.25 лв.0.35 лв.